5 Definitive Reasons For eCommerce Businesses to Have a Mobile App

Do you know that mobile covers approximately 60% of all eCommerce transactions worldwide? And it is believed that this figure will grow to 80% in the coming years. Today, consumers prefer mobile apps over the website, and it is the biggest opportunity in the upcoming days.

Nowadays, we have an app for almost everything from booking a ticket to ordering food online and purchasing products from the comfort of home. The main point here is mobile apps now dominate our lives no matter whether as a consumer or a business entity, this trend is going to stay here for long.

But the biggest challenge eCommerce businesses face is to stand out in the crowd and engages customers and retain the buyers at every single level. It is not easily possible to attract customers and compel them to purchase a product.

In this regard, it is essential for all the eCommerce businesses, regardless of the size and type, to invest in a custom mobile application to streamline their business.

Here are the 5 compelling reasons for eCommerce businesses to invest in a mobile application

Boost Brand Visibility

There are no responsibilities with no standards. Though you can reach the audience with TV ads and you also try to follow latest trends and updates and give attention on securing a primetime television spot. But with an eCommerce targeted application, you can use and apply your own strategy that you like to improve your brand visibility.

Make sure that it would be informative that filled with purchasing incentive or simply something to show off your brand. It is completely on you. Startups that have just stepped into eCommerce business can be creative with their brand without having to break the back trying to get television spots.

 Easy to Access Your Retail Store through App

 Now, most of the consumers find it a lot easier to access their favorite brands from their cell phones using applications. Different products and deals that offered by retailers are now just a click away from the consumers. Today, mobile applications have become smarter owing to big data and showing those products that are based on user behavior and preferences.

In addition to this, apps are also known for delivering higher performances and improved user experience that is not the case with a conventional website. This is the reason why consumers prefer applications over browsers.

Between consumers and brands, the application serves as a relationship manager as it is the main factor in developing a loyal user-base for businesses. Moreover, retailers that are having a mobile app can reward their mobile uses with coupons and discount deals that further attract users towards engaging with the retail application.

 Digital Payments Without any Hassle

In the recent times, the use of digital payments has been increasing and everyone is opting for android pay and apple pay as both these apps go hand in hand with mobile apps. Today, no one is interested in giving their credit card information to various websites when they have an option of keeping it all safe and secure in one single location.

So, it is a wonderful opportunity for eCommerce startups to shine if they develop an application including this feature. This feature will surely attract your customers and retain them to your application for shopping. Even, you can boost the visibility of your brand.

 Enhanced Usability

The best thing about downloading an application is that is a one-time thing and there is no need of waiting for web-pages to load and go through that process every single time. The application is known for increasing the interactivity, allowing different features like high-def images, interactions, and a variety of animations.

Moreover, you can also include unique functionalities into your application, enabling smooth navigation which will save time. Overall, you can enhance usability by adding some unique gamification and boosting engagement level between your company and users. There are endless possibilities.

 Push Notifications – A Great Rewarding Niche

Through push notifications, you can remind your customers about the discount, offers, and sale that you are offering. You can also notify them about new product arrival and give them information about what you are launching. But you need to ensure that you do not overdose your customers with notifications as it will irritate your customers.

With the right amount of notifications, you can boost brand awareness and help your customers be updated with the latest products arrival in the market. An eCommerce app plays the biggest role in creating marketing plans. Moreover, an eCommerce app will also help you to deliver better customer relationships by delivering the best user experience in the mobile app category.

So, these are the top 5 reasons for eCommerce startups to invest in a mobile application and expand their business worldwide. They can opt for an eCommerce app that offers required features to their customers and gives them the flexibility to purchase from mobile.

Furthermore, discuss your mobile eCommerce app development project requirements with an experienced mobile application development company that has already developed eCommerce apps.

This article was originally posted by Mohd Sohel Ather, software engineer by profession and a content writer by passion. Technical writing and blogging are his hobbies, He currently writes for latest Mobile App Development tips also covers all related topics which can help for developers.

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