Business Models That Benefit Millennials

Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce these days, so it’s true that businesses should be catering to them on a large scale. However, the business world is still stuck in a bit of a rut when it comes to the changing times, and those that pull ahead with benefits that include those listed below are the best to try and be hired for. In the job search in this modern age, it’s incredibly hard to find perfect jobs, or even one at all. However, be sure to keep an eye out for these advantages when you’re considering what you want or need to do.

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Ones With On-Site Daycare

Whilst it’s true that millennials are waiting longer to get married and have children, that doesn’t mean a lot of us are not parents already. However, sometimes maternity leave needs to be gotten through quickly or done away all together as we’re full time workers that need the money.

If you’ve landed yourself a job in a top firm, good for you! And if they have on-site daycare or some kind of baby sitting service, then you’re in this position for the long haul. Yet it’s rare to be able to find this kind of benefit as a private service hired by the company itself is going to cost a lot in the long run.

However, the idea that a business would cater towards a parent’s need to both work and care for their children is one that’s stepping in the right direction, and is just something to look out for.

Those That Offer Pet Insurance As Part Of Employee Benefits

About ⅔ of millennials are pet owners, and a lot of time and money needs to be dedicated to our four legged friends. Reading over current news with posts such as shows us it’s a hot debated topic, however most people agree that offering pet insurance is extremely beneficial.

Honestly, it’s a great hiring strategy as well, as bringing in new talent requires these benefits to be laid out in the job description.

A Limited Company

A limited company is hugely beneficial in such a market that has constant up and downs. However, limited companies are popular models these days as they are easy to set up, and could only take a matter of minutes to do!

There’s a higher wage packet in a contract, and literally any business costs will be able to be claimed back. A high degree of management isn’t necessary either, as you’ll also be likely to have a personal account, which leaves plenty of time for other responsibilities. Yet the drawbacks can be just as disadvantageous as the advantages beneficial. Check out and the like to see the necessary information for handling the nitty gritty when it comes to wanting to found your own limited business or joining one.

There are plenty of business models out there that could benefit you as a millennial!

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