Four Essential WordPress Plugins For Everyone

WordPress was started by Matt Mullenweg as a way to provide everyone with open source web software to create beautiful and (mostly) free websites. What’s more incredible than someone creating an open source platform, is that people loved the idea of being able to contribute to the massive platform in a variety of ways. A lot of the templates and plugins (things that make your website function better or look nicer) are also free. Which means that people have spent their valuable time creating something that the world can enjoy with no kickback. It’s really remarkable. Here are four essential WordPress plugins everyone should have when setting up their WordPress website. They make running your website easier.

A Picture is Worth All the Effort

As the internet continues to move from a text-based service to a visual based service, more and more websites are focusing on the use of images to promote their products and services. Your WordPress website needs an image gallery to captivate and engage your customers. Try EnviraGallery. There are lots of ways to introduce imagery to your WordPress website without using a plugin, but you want a plugin that maintains the responsiveness of your website. EnviraGallery does it all. Taking a few minutes to install this plugin will help your website stay trendy and engaging to your customers.

Search Engine Optimization

You know you need to have search engine optimization setup on your website, right? Of course you do. What if there was a plugin that made it super easy to get that piece of your operation up and running? This is 2017 people, of course there is a plugin that makes it super easy to set up your search engine optimization! Enter Yoast SEO. It is so easy to set up Yoast SEO for WordPress, and it helps to optimize your entire site. Get it today and start getting found.

Frequently Asking Questions Sections Are a Must

This is a step that a lot of new business owners skip. They think that they can just tell people everything they need to know on their landing page or in their About Us section. Nope, you still need to have a section where people can go to get the nitty gritty on your business operation. You can skip customer engagement reps in the beginning if you have a really robust FAQ section. Get the Frequently Asked Questions plugin and get started answering customer’s questions before they even know they have them!

Be a CSS Hero!

The beauty of WordPress is that most users don’t need to write a single line of code in order to make their websites a thing of beauty. And the CSS Hero plugin takes the ease of operation one step further to allow full customization without having to use code to make your website look the way you want it to look. CSS is the custom style sheets that make your website look a certain way. It’s the thing that makes them visually appealing: colors, themes, fonts, layouts. The magic happens in the CSS.


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