Make Your Facebook Business Page More Appealing

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Setting up a Facebook page for your business is undoubtedly a smart move that will make it easier for you to connect with consumers and convince them to buy your goods and services, but unless your Facebook page is as appealing as possible, this will only work up to a point.

Here are some simple tips you can use to make your Facebook Page More Appealing right now:

Choose Your Profile Picture Carefully

If you want users to be able to find you and feel confident enough to follow you on Facebook, it’s important that you choose a profile picture that is clearly recognizable as a symbol of your brand. This could be your business logo, a picture of your premises or even a photo of you and your staff if you are well-known, but it must be clearly enough linked with your company to get people clicking. This also applies to your cover photo.

Include Important Business Information

Having the details of your business on your Facebook page isn’t just smart if you want people to actually view your website or visit your office, but it is also a good way of making your business look more professional, which will obviously make it more attractive. As a minimum, you should include a link to your website, and email address and physical address. If you work from home and you don’t want to make your address public, using a service like physicaladdress, which will provide you with a safe business address is a great way to get around it and ensure that your Facebook page looks as professional as possible.

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If you want to gain followers and ensure that they actually bother to look at your page and read your posts regularly, then you will need to create and post unique, engaging content on a regular basis. I know you will want to use your page to sell stuff, but if you post nothing but marketing materials, you will turn your followers off. Instead, write short posts, make videos and create memes that will entertain and inform. If you do this, you’ll see a boost in your follower numbers, and you’re more likely to build up good relationships with customers.

Make Use of Apps

Customizing your page with apps is a good way to give followers more to do, which might work to attract more of them to your page.

Run Contests

If you’re really struggling to make your Facebook page more appealing and you simply aren’t getting the number of likes you would have expected, one sure-fire way of turning things around is to start running regular contests. You don’t have to give away lots of expensive things, even a product that’s worth a small amount will get likes because, as you probably know, everyone likes something for free, and then you all you have to do is work on keeping your new followers by some of the means above.


Do you have your own Facebook business page? What have you done to attract more likes?



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