Could You Make It As A Technical Marketing Engineer?

On the face of things, the roles of engineering and marketing are worlds apart. The former is about creating things for people, while the latter is about finding those people who want them. However, since the advent of the Internet, demand for the ‘marketing engineer’ has risen significantly. But what, exactly, is a technical marketing engineer and how do you go about becoming one? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know.

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What is a Technical Marketing Engineer?

Unsurprisingly, a technical marketing engineer is a technologist working in the midst of a marketing team. The role exists to ensure that all products brought to the market are successful, pitched at the right audience, and engaging well with customers. It’s important to remember that it is a highly technical position – and it’s not just marketing. The engineer’s expertise is used to clearly articulate the technology within a product, and highlight areas that could be done better and improved.

What work do they do?

The technical marketing engineer role is incredibly varied. One day you might be creating design guides or instruction manuals for customers, and the next you will be demonstrating whether a product works or not. You will also be involved in launch activities such as trade shows and conferences, as well as a lot of analytical work.


Technical marketing engineers come from a broad range of backgrounds, but there are some common threads. Many in the role have a degree or MBA with engineering focus, and most will also supplement that with extensive customer and field experience. You’ll need experience with service provider security products, too, and software and scripting skills are preferred, although sometimes not essential.

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Working life

Don’t expect a 9-5 desk job as a technical marketing engineer. You could be working at very odd hours during many parts of the year, due to the nature of product launches and testing schedules. A lot of travelling is on the cards, too, and you’ll often find yourself working through weekends and the holiday season. Ultimately, it’s down to your clients and promotional campaigns to decide when you are needed, so this type of role is best suited to someone who is flexible, both in attitude and lifestyle.

Pay and prospects

However, there are significant rewards on the table for all this flexibility you will need to show. Many marketing engineers are comfortably into six-figure sums, and wherever there are technology products to launch, there will be people needing your talents. Marketing is always growing as an industry, and as a technical engineer in the field, you will be at the forefront of all of it. As with any other line of work, the more you learn, the higher you will rise.

Ultimately, if you have a passion for marketing and a solid interest in technology and engineering, you might find some career success as a technical marketing engineer – could it be the perfect marketing for you?

Dan is an award winning digital marketer and marketing columnist based in the United Kingdom. He has a real passion for digital communications, Hull City and innovation.

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