Making New Employees Feel Welcome

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When taking on a new employee at your business, it is important to make them feel as comfortable as possible. After all, most new hires will feel nervous about their new job and they will want to make a good impression. It will certainly do your business a lot of favours if you make an effort to ensure your new employees are more comfortable. Not only can this boost employee retention rates, but it will improve your brand image as well. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some top tips on making new employees feel welcome…

  • Make all employees wear name tags – It is a good idea to enforce a name tag policy at your business. Name badges will make your new employee feel more comfortable, as they will be able to talk to people freely without worrying about having to ask for their name. After all, someone new on the job has a lot to think about already without having to worry about remembering everyone’s name. Not only this, but your existing workforce will find it a lot easier to talk to the new employee if he or she is wearing a name badge.
  • Immerse a new hire into your company culture as quickly as you can – One of the best ways to make your new hire feel comfortable is to ensure they are immersed into the organisational culture of your business as quickly as possible. Assign the person roles, and ask for their opinion regarding various areas they are involved in. You should encourage your new member of staff to come up with ideas, and make a point of including the person in any fun or social activities that are going on in the workplace.
  • Express a genuine interest in the new employee as a person – This is a really important part. After all, this individual is now part of your firm, and so it is vital to view them as not only a worker, but a person too. Also, by knowing whether the person is visual, kinaesthetic, or auditory, you will be able to discover how he or she prefers to be appreciated. For instance, a note will be better for a visual person, whereas a verbal compliment is better suited to an auditory individual. A handshake and solid eye contact is the way to go for a kinaesthetic person.
  • Have a buddy system or a mentor – Another way to make new employees feel welcome is to have a buddy or mentor system. Whenever someone new is brought on board, assign an existing employee to spend time with him or her, and to show the new hire how things work. The mentor should offer guidance and support, and go for lunch with the person in their first few days. This will ensure that the new employee does not feel alone. You could opt to have one mentor per new employee, or you could rotate the mentor each day so that the new hire gets to know more people on the firm.
  • Have a welcome strategy in place – Last but not least, you need to make sure that you have a welcome strategy in place. After all, everyone from the management down plays a role when it comes to making a new person feel welcome. You should speak to everyone on your firm and ask them how they felt on their first day. Ask for their opinions regarding what could have been done to make them feel more appreciated, accepted, and comfortable. This will enable you to brainstorm effectively so that you can put a successful welcome plan in place. Once you have done this, the plan should be put into writing and you should distribute it to everyone at your business. This will ensure that everyone knows what he or she needs to do when a new member of staff arrives. By writing down the plan, it shows everyone just how important it is to make a good first impression and play their role in welcoming the new member of staff.

So there you have it: hopefully, you now have some ideas you can use to make new employees feel welcome at your company. No matter whether your firm hires new staff regularly or not, it is important to make them feel comfortable in their new role. This will not only benefit the worker, but it will benefit your business too.

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