Manic Marketing: The Trends To Embrace Right Now

Business is all about one strategy or another, wouldn’t you agree? A business strategy for the development of your company. A future strategy for growth and plans and let’s not forget those all important sale strategies for yourself and any team members to generate those sales for your business to thrive. However, marketing can be a last minute decision causing you to create a bit of a manic decision on the direction you need to take.

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The problem is that your marketing is vastly important to any other strategy you may devise within your business. Marketing can help your business grow and for the future, it can also help generate those sales. So why not put more focus on it? The truth is we can all be a little blinded to trying new things or even considering other marketing methods like social media or branding because we stick with what we know. Sometimes it’s even in your best interest to outsource marketing to leading professionals who know what they are doing. Websites like can provide a lot of information and a great service. In some cases, sticking to what we know is no longer going to cut it in a world that is constantly developing with new trends forming all of the time. I thought I would share with you some of the digital trends to consider for your business to help improve all aspects of your business life.

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The power of social media

All of us are aware of the importance of social media these days, especially for smaller businesses and startups. Competent uploads and consistency in content are all very important factors or a successful social media strategy. However, there are some other ways you can make more of your platforms, and, of course, increase the reach you do have with potential new clients and customers. Incentivise your followers by adding discount or competitions to increase following and reach. People can share your pages or profiles with their followers and so on and so forth. Competitions are hugely popular online these days thanks to some people sharing their stories of winning many competitions weekly. Which is why more companies are getting on board with this idea as a way to increase their reach. However, always checking with the advertising guidelines to ensure that you are within your rights. Plus different social media platforms have different rules and regulations when it comes to advertising.

You could also consider humanizing your business and giving it more of a voice, using social media platforms like Instagram Stories to give a behind the scenes look at your picture perfect Instagram feed. You could use functions like Facebook Live to give insight into your business and how you do things. These are all things that people love to view, so take advantage of the curiosity aspect of social media and share more content and more of your business. This could really benefit your already successful social media strategy. The thing is, companies nowadays are even having a separate social media strategy just because of the success they can achieve from this digital trend alone.

The importance of your local community

More people are working on their local area for one reason only, a new trend has formed where more people love the idea of shopping local and supporting a small business rather than a larger corporation. This is something all of us should be taking huge advantage of. Becoming the expert in your local area means not only do you have great local customers, but you also have the benefit of free advertising in the form of word of mouth. Which is something money can’t buy. Working on your local community can mean a few different avenues to explore. You could consider a shop front and advertise directly. Or maybe getting in touch with your local council team and becoming involved in local events such as fairs or fetes. This can be a great way to advertise while helping out your local community. Other options would include working in partnership with local charities. Sponsoring events greatly helps the charity in exchange for your association and advertising.

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TV and radio advertising is making a comeback

There used to be a time when you would only hear about companies through a TV advert or by listening to the radio in the car in the home. However, when businesses wanted to use social media instead, the tv and radio advertising world took a small hit. More people decided to trust advertising on the internet instead. But, more companies and small businesses are reinvesting back in TV and radio advertising, and this sort of exposure could work well. Websites like could really help. Working with local radio stations often means the cost is relatively low compared to some national corporations. Meaning you can put your focus on your community once more and coincide it with other marketing strategies.

Networking is a powerful resource of knowledge and opportunity

There was a time when the only way people would communicate in regards to the industry they were working in was via networking events. That was a time before the internet, Google searches and of course, the quick and rapid social media. However, networking events are a great way to gain some insider knowledge. Not just on industry led things, but also experience from co-workers and people having worked within that industry for some time. Sometimes experience like that just can’t be found in a blog post or internet search.

Networking events are also a great way to work with partners, but it can also help you gain a better understanding of some of the other sectors. Many industries have subsidiary areas in which people can work in, all of which can help you in regards to the marketing. Plus networking really enables you to cement your footing and make your presence known.

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Focus on your direct mailing options

Whether you choose to mail customers direct in the post, or create an e-newsletter and market directly to emails, there is fast becoming a market to advertise directly. This use to be one of the only methods of advertising, and such changed it into a saturated market where people would ignore almost any leaflet or info posted through the door. But, if you do it the right way, you can still gain some great perspective from doing this. However, you do have the cost of the stationery for the mailer, so emailing could be a most cost effective approach. Always make sure you get consent from customers and clients before emailing them, and try and refrain from buying an email list.

Consider your brand

Your branding is of huge significance, especially if you are trying to improve your marketing approach. So this is when you may need to start putting a little more focus onto how your company makes its first impression. A great way to do this is thinking outside of the box when it comes to your logo, your strapline and even the colours you use to promote your site.

It can be too tempting to assume that your business will speak for itself, your customer service will sell the brand. But, too many times people will take one look at your website or the way you present the company and move on to the rest. We all make those split decisions on whether we think a business is worth it or a product is worth buying. So don’t make the mistake on losing out on that first impression.

Make sure your website is up to scratch

Slow upload speeds, page loading delays, and incorrect information are all things that can cause you issues with your business if not done right. A website these days is the first port of call for any potential customer or client, so make sure you have a website designed that meets the demands of the digital world. Consider an ecommerce store to sell products and services online, or even a software function that will allow a live chat with your customer as they are perusing your website. Often these little details can be the difference to obtaining a sale or losing a customer.

A website needs to have all the right information in order to be successful. This is when you may want to consider dedicating time to make sure that product descriptions are right and that you have up to date contact information. Even sprucing up the about me page can make a difference and allow your website to be current.

Consider a company blog

Finally, you may want to think about having a company blog. This is an excellent idea to bring up to speed your company presence online for search engines. A blog is another way to humanise your business, enabling you to make sure that customers, new and old, can be kept up to date without feeling like they are being specifically marketed to.

This article was originally posted by Mohd Sohel Ather, software engineer by profession and a content writer by passion. Technical writing and blogging are his hobbies, He currently writes for latest Mobile App Development tips also covers all related topics which can help for developers.

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