You Should Be Running A Blog – Here’s Why And How

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On the high seas of the internet, many strange and fantastical places exist. The internet is the collective human mind as expressed through media and communication, and as a result, it displays all of the weird idiosyncrasies, knowledge and capital pursuits that we humans are famed for. Unlike the real world, on the internet, you can carve out your little space out of seemingly endless ‘uncharted territory.’

The land metaphor also extends to blogs and the act of blogging. The formative years of the internet are coming to a close, and now a professional developed, well thought out, and streamlined version exists for most users. The internet is always improving its accessibility and universal convenience, and as this has happened, the ‘spam’ nature of affiliate advertising and useful blogs are coming to a close. Now more than ever, and with major online revolutions like the upcoming Google Fred update, valued content is significantly preferred over its counterpart.

There has never been a better time to run a blog, and experience all of the benefits of doing so. What follows is some methods to do so and the benefits that come along with it.

Your Space To Impart Wisdom

To begin with, you’ll need to have a reliable and secure place to store your writings. A professional and reliable service like Wizz Hosting will help educate you as to how best to keep your website maintained, and will able to provide you with a valuable, attractive domain name.

It’s important to use a service like this to improve your standing on the internet. Most people are internet-savvy these days and will be able to identify a dodgy looking website quickly. If your site doesn’t provide a security certificate to your browser, that looks suspicious.

The money you invest in a reliable hosting service will do you wonders. From this stable base, you’ll be able to impart the wisdom of your platform with ease and reliability. Blogging can help you attract an audience, as well as future clients hoping to find a little more about the expertise you offer. It’s one thing to convince a customer you have valuable knowledge for hire through promise alone; it’s quite another to have an online, audience stimulating portfolio they can see you live out your message in a public space.

Potential For Revenue Creation

After you’ve crafted a legitimate and entertaining blog filled to the brim with informative content, it’s no shame to try and capitalize on this. Allowing your blog to be a platform for SEO articles with affiliate links, or just employing the tasteful use of Google Adsense can help you monetize on the efforts you’ve put forth on the internet, without coming across as callous to your users. A cautious approach is more effective than just plastering your online store with more advertisements.

Legitimize Your Platform

Just like convincing a client that you have the knowledge to impart, featuring a blog on your startup’s website or business pages can help project an aura of caring about your users. If you run a blog that’s dedicated to solving user problems in your field of expertise, clients are much more likely to look at your brand fondly. The free flow and communication of informative content is one of the great wonders of the modern internet age. Do it proud by becoming a functioning cog dedicated to making the internet a better place, and you can proudly say you’ve left your mark.

Gain A Following

Over time, an informative blog is guaranteed to gain followers. These can be directed to your social media platforms or primary business/personal website.

There has never been a better time to run a blog. With cheap hosting solutions, simple layout designs that even the least tech-savvy could effectively use, and the ocean of benefits that you could gain from it, running a blog could be just the platform you need to boost your presence online.

Dan is an award winning digital marketer and marketing columnist based in the United Kingdom. He has a real passion for digital communications, Hull City and innovation.

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