Saving Your Business Money Through Flexible Working Tech

Flexible working is one of the UK’s most attractive employment perks. As more and more businesses adopt flexible working policies, newer and better technology is being developed to make it easier to save money and offer a better working environment for workers. Read about the technology that could save your business money, while also offering flexible working to your staff.

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Cloud-based office suites

Software costs money, and it can come at a big cost for your business – especially if you have a lot of staff. Traditional software needs to be updated regularly, providing further ongoing costs which can eat into your budget. Cloud-based software such as office suites, however, is updated automatically and comes on a subscription basis – making it easier for you to cover the cost. Cloud-based working makes it easier for employees to collaborate on projects and makes remote working much easier – giving your workers the option to work from home or on the move as needed.

VOIP phone systems

As with the decline of personal landlines for mobile phones, businesses are also ditching traditional landline telephones. Installing a VOIP phone service can help your employees to take calls from wherever they are, using nothing but an internet connection. It’s a huge money-saver for businesses and enables hot desk working and can even be transferred to mobile phones to enable off-site calling. VOIP phones look and work just like regular phones, so there’ll be no need to for staff to feel intimidated about having new technology to get to grips with.

Portable technology

As an increasing number of businesses ditch the traditional office in favour of a virtual one, investing in some portable technology can help your business to save money and make it easier for staff to work from anywhere. Tablets and ultrabooks are two forms of technology that allow workers to carry out tasks on the move but are also more affordable than typical office hardware. It’s easier to make technology secure, with different access systems and encryption software available that can help keep data safe if something were to happen, such as a loss of equipment or theft.

Online payroll solutions

Businesses can benefit from online payroll solutions that make it easier to manage flexible working and payroll. There are many benefits of using online payroll systems, including saving businesses money through more accurate processes and being able to use resources better elsewhere. For those who work flexibly, it allows them to track their hours and manage their payment details, simplifying processes that can otherwise be time-consuming and costly.

By implementing flexible working, you are taking steps to look after your employees’ well-being, while also helping to make them more productive. Flexible working can help reduce staff turnover and can make employees feel happier and more content in their roles, factors which are important for any employer. Meanwhile, different technology solutions that simplify processes can cut costs and lead to higher productivity. Consider implementing flexible working to improve your workplace for staff and save your business money.


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