Is Soul The Missing Ingredient To Your Brand?

With the rise and rise of the importance of the digital strategy to the business, we’ve been overtaken by data. It’s a big numbers game now, and there’s no doubt that the data we collect about our market and our marketing results can offer some important insights. But a business that markets by the numbers might be missing something crucial. The human element. Here, we’re going to look at how you can ensure you never forget that you’re dealing with real people at the end of the day.

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Liven up that brand

When you design your brand, often you think about the best way to communicate exactly what it is you do. A simple value proposition, clear visual language, and a name that’s easy to remember are all important. But a little emotion in there can make a huge difference, too. For instance, you can use a style guide all you want to keep promotional materials consistent. But if your social media interactions and customer service operate off a script, it will go down like a lead balloon with your market. Keep the brand human by getting actual humans involved in it. There are plenty of brands, such as Wendy’s and Creative Assembly, that have managed huge social media success by allowing their community coordinators to be themselves.

Capitalise on live events

A face-to-face meeting can be supremely valuable to building your community one person at a time. A good brand can impact a lot of people in a little way, but by attending live events, networking, and having real conversations, you can create real fans. These fans go on, in turn, to convert more people to the cause. Beyond putting in the effort and investing in branded stalls and booth materials, you can also use freebies from places like Pinfactory that allow you to give out something that keeps your brand fresh in the mind of the attendants. Make live events an important part of your overall branding strategy to balance out the focus you already have on digital marketing.

Stop selling with hypotheticals

Your customers can be a powerful marketing tool, as we have already suggested. But the single greatest asset they have to offer is their history with you. Don’t just speak to your own benefit all the time. Take the time to hand them the mic. As the Content Marketing Institute advises, you can ask them about their success stories with your products or services, whether in the form of testimonials or case studies. People are a lot more likely to believe the hype about your business when it comes from a third party rather than directly from the horse’s mouth. Otherwise, your brand value proposition just remains a hypothetical that you’re asking them to prove with their wallet.

Forget the emotional impact the brand can have, forget how gripping a bit of real-world marketing can be, and forget to capitalise on real human success stories and your brand will pay the price. There has to be a human element to your marketing for it to have real pulling power.


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