Vital Elements Your Customer Wants From Your Website

Every now and again, it’s a very good idea to view your website through a fresh pair of eyes. It can be tough, of course. After all, when you spend so much time working on something, it is often as recognizable as the back of your hand. But unless you can step back and see things how others do, you will fail to spot some simple mistakes. To give you a hand, I wanted to go through a list of vital elements that every customer needs to see on your site. Let’s take a closer look.


A clear offer

You customer wants to know what you do within 5-10 seconds of arriving on your website. If they have to read through reams of text or use a dictionary to understand you, you are getting it wrong. It’s astonishing how many businesses fail this basic communications task. Keep things simple, and stop using language that you think makes you sound intelligent. Say it as it is, and you will keep far more visitors on your site from hereon in.


A differentiator

The chances are there are many other companies like you vying for businesses. So, unless you can distinguish yourself from the others, why should a customer stick around? Let’s say you run a pizza delivery service in a community where pizza restaurants are ten-a-penny. Take a look at what is on offer from the competition and work out how you are different. Can you provide super quick delivery times? Do you make more artisanal pizzas than the rest? Do you use local ingredients only? Mark out your differences and start making noises about them – they will be the things that keep you in business.


A secure system

Customers are more aware of online security than ever these days. It is vital you make your credentials visible, and shout them loud and clear. Some industries are less secure than others, too. You might need to set up a high risk merchant account with a specialist supplier – but you should also make your customer aware. Without strong security credentials, no one will check out. And, your business will go down the pan before a fraudster even gets the chance to steal your customer data.


Contact information

If you are confident of your product or service, put your name and address to it. So many websites fail to offer contact details, and many people will run a mile. It’s astounding, really. When you don’t include contact information, you are losing so much custom it’s unreal. And just a simple name, address, and email are all you need to give people faith.



Online customers need their hand held much more than customers in a physical store. Provide them with all the info they need to take the next step, and you will start converting a lot of visitors. Again, it’s simple communication and signposting. Tell them what to do next, and they will do it – and return again.

I hope these tips help out some of you guys who are struggling to make headway with your online businesses. Let me know if you have any further ideas!

Dan is an award winning digital marketer and marketing columnist based in the United Kingdom. He has a real passion for digital communications, Hull City and innovation.

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