Who Would Your Brand Be If It Were A Person?

It might sound like a strange question to you, but if you have a business, it’s one of the most powerful. Who would your brand be if it were a person? Knowing this could be the key to really bringing your brand to life, relating with customers and retaining them, as well as strengthening your brand and gaining more exposure. Read on to learn more…

Why You Should Know Who Your Brand Would Be

You might be wondering why exactly you should know who your brand should be. By having a good picture in your head of what your brand would wear, the words they would use, and who they would appeal to, you are able to create relationships with your audience. By using a consistent brand voice, you will offer a better user experience and make it easier to connect with them on a social level.

Your audience will be able to better recognize your brand when you stick to the idea you have of your brand as a person. Pure and simple, it allows your team to be more consistent with things like marketing and customer service, and gives your customers a much better brand experience and engagement with you. When you’re consistent, it really says something about your brand!

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How To Make This Method Effective For You

So, how can you start making this method effective for you? Some people like to look into boutique website design and branding to get a truly unique and personalized service that helps to take much of the work out of doing this. However, doing it yourself can also be a lot of fun! Here are some of the questions you should ask to figure out who your brand would be as a person:

  • What would my brand wear if they were a person?
  • Would the brand be more feminine or masculine?
  • What tone of voice would the brand use?
  • What sort of words would the brand use?

By figuring out who your brand would be, you can base the rest of your marketing materials around this. For example, it may help you to better choose colors, fonts, and images. It will also help you whenever your business comes into contact with a customer, whether over email or social media. Providing everybody is aware of who your brand is, you will come across as more consistent and polished on all of the platforms you use.

Take a look at brands who have done this really well. They don’t have to be brands just like yours; they can be just about any brand at all. Beauty brands, car brands, health brands, and more have all successfully created a persona for their business. Never copy another brand’s ideas and voice, though. You must be original and unique in all you do to be successful!

Who will your brand be? Use the tips and advice above and you should be able to come up with something great! Leave your own thoughts and idea below! Thanks for reading.

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