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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a man prove paternity of a child?

Laws vary by state for establishing paternity, but they generally require proof by similar means. Produce a birth certificate that lists the deceased man as the father. Provide documentation that the alleged father and child share a surname. Many states will acknowledge shared surname as evidence of parentage.

What is a paternal DNA test?

A DNA comparison test to remove the doubt on a paternal relation. A DNA paternity test serves to confirm that the alleged father is the biological father of the child, without the need to test the mother. We inherit our genetic structure from our two biological parents, one half from our mother and one half from our father.

How much does a paternity test cost?

A legal DNA paternity test typically costs between $300 to $500, which usually include the collection costs associated with the test. Non-legal paternity tests start at about $30 for the retail kit (not including the testing) to $250, depending on additional services such as expedited testing and shipping.

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