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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Houzz pro help your business?

We can create a professional website for your business as part of any Houzz Pro subscription, saving you time and money. Knowledge is power. From marketing to project management, we provide the insights you need to understand and improve your business performance. Grow your business with better lead management.

What is the Houzz Pro app?

Houzz Pro makes it easy for you and your team to track any time you spend, or expenses you incur on a project, from the office or from the field. With the Houzz Pro mobile app you have everything you need to move your business forward - from anywhere Houzz Pro integrates with QuickBooks Online, Gmail, Zoom and more.

What is discoverhouzz pro?

Discover Houzz Pro: advertise your business, send professional estimates & proposals, manage projects, invoice your clients and get paid. By signing up, signing in or continuing, I agree to Houzz's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Houzz group may send me marketing emails.

Why choose probuild360 over Houzz pro?

"Probuild360's business model is based on being an all-in-one service. So Houzz Pro was a no-brainer for us. It puts all of our systems in one place from quoting, communication, CRM, right from enquiry all the way through to starting work on site.

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