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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Jewelry Exchange buy jewelry?

From rings and bracelets, to pendants and earrings, the Jewelry Exchange crafts most of the items that we sell, eliminating the manufacturer mark-up and passing the savings on to you. At the Jewelry Exchange, you are buying factory-direct, so you save.

Where is Jewelry Exchange located?

The Jewelry Exchange. The Goldenwest Diamond Corporation, which does business as The Jewelry Exchange, is one of the largest diamond importers and manufacturers in the United States. It has 15 locations in the across the United States. The headquarters is located in Tustin, California.

What is Bradford Exchange jewelry?

The Bradford Exchange is a producer and marketer of collectible goods, jewelry, sports memorabilia and apparel.

Do jewelry stores buy jewelry?

Jewelry stores will only buy items in high demand, such as necklaces, gold rings, and diamonds. But pawn shops will buy pretty much anything, including specialty pieces like watches, costume jewelry, and trendy collections such as Pandora. You will not get as much for your jewelry at a pawn shop as you would at a local jewelry store.

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