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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a user guide or video for megapoints?

Welcome to the home of MegaPoints Controllers, British manufacturers of model railway layout control systems. On this site you’ll find videos, downloadable user guides and documentation, examples of our custom made mimic panels and our web shop. If you’re stuck trying to find the latest user guide or video to help with your purchase it’s simple.

Will megapoints make a 4 channel controller?

Maybe Megapoints will bring out a 4 or six channel board for portable layouts. I currently use Tam Valley 'singlets' which are single channel and connect to the DCC bus so no additional cross board wiring. Works out quite expensive by comparison though. Signalist SC2 is a four channel controller but I've not tried this yet.

Is the multipanel V plug-n-Play?

The MultiPanel V 2.1 is plug-n-play, requiring no soldering of expansion boards or buttons/LEDs when using the pre assembled switch and LED cable packs. More information available from the MultiPanel V 2.1 product page in the shop. We showcase the MultiPanel Processor version 2.1 new features.

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