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Frequently Asked Questions

What does njuns stand for?

The National Joint Utilities Notification system, NJUNS, is a national organization of member utilities formed for the purpose of improving the coordination of joint ventures. Our system offers utility companies a method of obtaining up-to-date information on a variety of shared concerns, including Pole Transfers,...

How do I register as a member of njuns?

If your company is already a member of NJUNS, click this link to register as a user. Find the member codes needed here. If you need a password reset or access to additional member codes, please email [email protected]

What are the common problems with the njuns 2018 ticket application?

Address not populated, incomplete or missing. City not indicated or incorrect. Poles/Asset Page not being utilized. Spreadsheets are still being used providing an inconclusive number of poles to visit to accommodate the ticket. Page 15 of the NJUNS2018 User Guide shows how to add Poles/Assets but not that you should.

Is there a save and complete ticket step in njuns?

Whereas the previous NJUNS version, this was a 1 step process. There should be a Save and Complete Ticket Step function in the actual step. The Enter button on the keyboard should be able to function the same as clicking on Search. NJUNS Standards for Oregon Akin to the annual OJUA NESC Training, training on NJUNS is also important.

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